Buying the Right Shampoo Is Now Easier Than Ever!

You might be someone who is using different shampoos as well as spending a hefty amount of money on these products, but there hasn’t been a fruitful outcome for your hair. For this reason, you’ve taken the research-based approach to understand where you might be going wrong. All in hopes that it will help you stop spending so much money on shampoos that are just not worth it. This post isn’t for the sake of questioning or targeting haircare advertisements that could have influenced your choice of shampoos, rather this information will try to focus on helping readers understand some of the considerations they could make before buying the right shampoo. We’ll be discussing the difference between conditioners and shampoos, the types of scalps and the external influences for your hair’s health. Along the way, you will be provided with considerations that you can make when you’re out to buy the perfect shampoo for your specific hair type.



Before diving into the factors that one must consider while purchasing hair care products, it is important to be aware of the differences. In particular, it is worth knowing the functionality of shampoos and conditioners as both products have different objectives. Shampoos are haircare products that are used for the cleansing of sweat as well as the nourishment of the scalp while conditioners are used for improving the hairs’ texture and appearance. Shampoos tend to reach deep within the roots while conditioners react on the surface of your hair.


The first consideration you must make before buying a shampoo is to be aware of the type of scalp you have. Many products have certain chemicals or ingredients which benefit a certain hair and scalp type. The scalp could be divided into 3 broad types; dry, oily or normal. However, this division is greatly influenced by the type of hair you have which is why conditioners could also be a game changer for healthy hair. An example is you might have a dry scalp and oily hair which would require a mix of certain ingredients and additives for its treatment; a dry scalp requires a moisturizing shampoo, which helps in retaining moisture, and oily hair would require a conditioner that removes the excess oil.




The second consideration you must make is to read labels and ignore the prices if you can afford to, or you’ll have to switch between brands and use the trial-and-error approach. For those of you who seek to use this approach, you must take notes of the products that you have used as it would narrow down the search for shampoos that fit your requirement.  Switching brands can be viewed as an expensive option in the long run as cheap options tend to contain ingredients of low quality, which could further damage your scalp. Some expensive brands can also contain substandard formulas or low amounts of certain ingredients, but the chances are low. Pricey or branded shampoos usually contain far better and sustainable ingredients. Therefore, it is important to read the labels as ingredients and chemicals can make all the difference for the health of your hair.




Some of the things to look out for on shampoo bottles is the types of hair they are suitable for, the presence of sulfates as well as their percentages, and also the amount of cleansing agent added to them. An oily scalp requires shampoos that strip away the excess grease or natural oils, which means a strong cleansing agent shampoo is required. In case you have normal or dry hair you would require a shampoo that contains a mild cleansing agent.




The third consideration is accepting the fact that age and environment play a key role in the quality of your hair. Keeping in mind this fact, we can move forward and understand the importance of reducing the stress we get from an undesirable scalp. We can do this by noticing the intricacies on shampoo bottles such as reading the instructions for its usage as well research on the product’s effectiveness in certain environments. Temperature and pollution in the air can impact the shampoos efficacy. With age you lose a certain pigment – melanin – that affects the hair color and texture, regenerative properties of hair follicles decrease which impacts the density of hair, and a dip in the outer protective hair cuticles leads to a greater footprint by UV rays and air pollution which amplifies the breakage of hair.



The factors influencing the quality of your scalp along with the considerations will force many of you to reevaluate your haircare routine and choose the right shampoo. The three considerations include; the types of scalps, reading labels and ignoring the prices, and aging combined with the environment can sway your decisions in buying the right shampoo.  


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